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Biography - Philip H. Roh



Philip Hyung Kun Roh is an accomplished baritone, arts activist, and well-respected teacher in the Los Angeles area. Mr Roh earned his Bachelor’s Degree in voice at Joong-Ang University in South Korea, and then completed his Masters at the Catholic University of Washington DC under the Fulbright Opera Scholarship. With these skills he won numerous awards including first prize at the Nova Voice Competition and landed leading roles in operas like “Le Nozze de Figaro” and “La Traviata.”

Since moving to Los Angeles in 1987, Mr Roh founded the Los Angeles Hanmi Opera Company which staged many multi-cultural renditions of operas in the LA area including “La Boheme“ and “Madame Butterfly.” He also became the music director of Radio Seoul, Los Angeles’ leading Korean radio station, then also hosted their 10 am to 12 pm show “Home Sweet Home” every week day for over twenty years. Philip is also a member of the California Negro Music Association and a board member of the Concordia Orchestra Society. 

Mr. Roh is a staple in the Los Angeles Korean American Christian church as a reverend and conductor for many churches over the past forty years. He also founded the Opera California Youth Choir and Global Messiah Women’s Choir which have performed at many prestigious venues and events including the Disney Hall and traveled to perform in places like Nigeria, Peru, and South Korea. Having recently retired from radio broadcasting, he still contributes to the Los Angeles Korean American community through performances and speaking engagements.

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Catholic University of America M.M
미국 VA 주 Everett 종교 음악과 교수
김자경 오페라단 주역단원,
워싱턴 오페라 단원
미주성시화운동본부 홍보대사 (전)
월드비전 홍보대사 (전)
라디오 서울 홈스위트 홈 진행자 (전)
미주복음방송 방송 본부장 (전)
글로벌 메시아 찬양 선교단 상임 지휘자 (현)
Opera California 선교 오페라단 단장 (현)

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